Dartington Old Church, Devon Monument of Sir Arthur Champernowne 1587.

This large and very unusual lath and plaster monument, five metres in height, was contained within a very small space. The structure was collapsing due to the failure of its internal timber support. It was dismantled, repaired on a new support structure and re-fixed with an air gap; years of later limewash were removed, revealing exquisite detail in the modelling.



We have extensive experience of conserving and repairing decorative plasterwork, particularly ornamental features such as overmantles and Royal Arms. These delicate structures are usually carried on a timber support, and work may include strengthening or replacing this, as well as stabilising fine surface detail and removing inappropriate modern coverings.

We have worked on a number of important Royal Arms in the south west of England, which was a centre of the art in the 16th and 17th centuries. Each had different structural and cosmetic problems and for each, a bespoke solution was needed: